Pleated blinds for conservatories

It is a widely known fact that pleated blinds are the kings of conservatories as far as window blinds go. That is, in no small part, thanks to their energy efficiency; the blinds can be pulled right down to the very bottom of the window, and their unique structure provides a snug fit in the window, helping to retain as much heat as possible in colder rooms such as conservatories.

Similarly, as cold as conservatives can be in the winter months, they can also be suntraps during the summer. Pleated blinds to the rescue again, as the fabric helps to reflect sunlight and offer protection against UV rays.

Pleated blinds - cream

This unique structure additionally helps in the fight against external light and noise pollution, allowing you to relax in your conservatory and not be disturbed by unwanted outside elements. Pleated blinds are fantastic for functionality, and are extremely easy to operate. Because we only manufacture our blinds using the finest quality components and fabrics, we guarantee that our blinds will provide you with a beautiful furnishing to last for years and years.

Pleated blinds conservatory

Not only that, but we at Pleated Blinds Direct also believe that pleated blinds are ultra-stylish additions to any conservative, as we stock blinds in an enormous range of colours and styles.

Green pleated blinds

So, if you have a conservatory in need of some sunlight protection, which will also help to save money on the energy bills, head over to Pleated Blinds Direct today, and browse through our vast range of stylish products.

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